S-5-S Metal Roof Clamps
S-5-S Metal Roof Clamps
S-5-S Metal Roof Clamps
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S-5-S Metal Roof Clamps

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The S-5-S (“S” stands for snap-lock) is a non-penetrating, standing seam metal roof (SSMR) clamp. The S is designed for most popular vertical snap-together profiles -- typically with vertical dimensions of 1.5” (38 mm) and 1.75” (44 mm).

The S-5-S clamp was created specifically for popular snap-together profiles— including residential profiles by Taylor Metals and Easy Lock Standing Seam. For horizontal seams under .540 inches (like the Firestone UC4) the S-5-S or S-5 -S Mini can be used to avoid the necessity of crimping the seam.

The S is also the perfect solution for traditional, single-fold (angle-seam) horizontal profiles of 1” (25 mm) and 1.5” (38 mm) seam height dimensions and all similar seam types.


  • Use on vertical snap-together profiles
  • Use on single-folded with horizontal projection ≤ 0.54” (13 mm)
  • Use for heavy-duty applications, such as snow retention
  • Two T-30 Torx round-point setscrews (Torx bit tip provided)
  • One M8 bolt included


It is also available in the smaller S-5-S (Mini).


The S-5-S clamp features a vertical snap-together design for secure, easy assembly. It's ideal for connecting vertical profiles with its snap-lock functionality, streamlining installation processes.

If this clamp does not match your roof profile, browse our other metal roof clamps below to find one that best matches your roof profile.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the S-5-S clamp used for? The S-5-S clamp is designed for securing various rooftop accessories and equipment to standing seam metal roofs without penetrating the roof material. This includes snow retention products, solar arrays, satellite dishes, antennas, walkways, lightning protection systems, and more.

How does the S-5-S clamp work? The clamp utilizes patented round-point setscrews that grip the seam securely without penetration. Simply set the setscrews into the clamp, place the clamp on the seam, and tighten them to the specified tension. Then, attach ancillary items using the bolt provided with the product.

What is the difference between the S-5-S clamp and the S-5-S Mini clamp? The S-5-S Mini is a bit shorter than the S-5-S and has one setscrew rather than two. The Mini is designed for attaching lighter rooftop accessories, while the S-5-S clamp is better suited for heavy-duty applications like snow retention.

Can the S-5-S clamp be used on different types of standing seam metal roofs? Yes, the S-5-S clamp is designed to work with a wide range of standing seam metal roof profiles, including popular snap-together profiles, single-fold horizontal profiles, and various seam heights.

Is the S-5-S clamp weather-resistant? The S-5-S clamp is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-term performance and durability in various climates.

Can the S-5-S clamp be used for both residential and commercial applications? Yes, the S-5-S clamp is suitable for both residential and commercial projects, making it a versatile solution for various types of standing seam metal roofs.

Do I need any special tools to install the S-5-S clamp? A T-30 Torx driver is required to tighten the round-point setscrews, and this bit tip is provided with the clamp. Other standard tools, such as a wrench, may be needed for attaching ancillary items using the provided M8 bolt.

Is the S-5-S clamp adjustable? The S-5-S clamp features setscrews that can be adjusted to accommodate different seam profiles and dimensions. This allows for a secure and customized fit on various standing seam metal roofs.

Can the S-5-S clamp be easily removed or repositioned? Yes, the S-5-S clamp can be easily removed or repositioned by loosening the setscrews, making adjustments as needed, and then retightening the setscrews to the specified tension. This flexibility makes it easy to maintain or modify rooftop installations as required.


Customer Feedback

The S-5-S Metal Roof Clamps have received positive reviews from customers who have used them. Many have noted that the product effectively secures a variety of rooftop accessories, while being non-penetrating and easy to install. Customers appreciate the fact that the clamps provide a strong grip, maintaining the integrity of their standing seam metal roofs.

The clamps' versatility has been praised by many customers, who have used them to attach everything from solar panels and satellite dishes to snow retention systems and lightning protection. Customers have also found the installation process to be simple, thanks to the patented round-point setscrews and the provided M8 bolt. Additionally, the clamps' compatibility with various standing seam metal roof profiles has been appreciated.

Some customers have noted that the product may not be suitable for all types of metal roof profiles, and that careful selection is necessary. However, the majority of customers have found the S-5-S clamps to be effective at securing various rooftop accessories to a wide range of metal roof profiles.

Overall, customers have found the S-5-S Metal Roof Clamps to be a versatile, easy-to-install, and effective solution for attaching a variety of rooftop accessories to standing seam metal roofs. They would recommend it to others who are looking for a high-quality, non-penetrating attachment solution.

    S5 Lifetime Warranty

    S-5! offers two main warranties: a Lifetime Product Defect Warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship, and a System Performance Warranty for the ColorGard® Snow Retention system, which is unique in the snow guard market and has a term of 30 years or the life of the roof, whichever comes first. The Product Defect Warranty has been extended to a lifetime term based on their long history of minimal claims and their products designed to outlast the roofs they are mounted on. For more detailed information, please visit the S-5! Warranty page.

    Application Used for heavy-duty applications, such as snow retention
    brand S5
    Design Designed for most popular vertical snap-together profiles -- typically with vertical dimensions of 1.5” (38 mm) and 1.75” (44 mm)
    Hardware Two T-30 Torx round-point setscrews (Torx bit tip provided) One M8 bolt included

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