Aluminium Coatings

Aluminium coatings are surface coatings of metals which display excellent corrosion resistance. The process of producing this coating is called aluminizing, a thermo-chemical process that diffuses aluminium into the surface of metals. Browse our range of aluminium Coating below and feel free to contact a member of our team via Live Chat if you need any help.

Welcome to the Aluminium Coatings category at Roofing4Us, your one-stop destination for all roofing solutions. Aluminium coatings are popular in the roofing industry for their impeccable ability to reflect sunlight and UV rays, significantly reducing the heat build-up within structures and thereby enhancing energy efficiency. This category encompasses a wide array of premium products, particularly from the distinguished vendor, LUCAS. Each product in this lineup is designed to meet various roofing needs while ensuring durability and enhanced protection.

Non-Fibrated Aluminium Coatings

The Lucas Aluminium Roof Coating 2 lb. #608 - Non Fibrated is a prime example of our non-fibrated aluminium coatings. These coatings are renowned for their smooth, non-fibrous texture and provide a sleek, reflective surface upon application. Ideal for scenarios where a smooth, easily-applicable, and clean finish is desired, non-fibrated coatings are perfect for both residential and commercial applications, specifically where aesthetics play a crucial role.

Practical Uses:

  • Reflecting Heat: Efficiently reflects heat, reducing cooling costs during warmer months.
  • Preventing Corrosion: Acts as a barrier against environmental elements to prevent corrosion.


Selection Guide:

Choose non-fibrated aluminium coatings when you need a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish, especially suitable for visible, exterior surfaces of structures where appearance matters.

Elastomeric Aluminium Coatings

Lucas Elastomeric Aluminium Roof Coating #637 is our top-tier product in the elastomeric aluminium coatings category. Elastomeric coatings are elastic and flexible, making them ideal for surfaces that experience considerable temperature fluctuations, or structures that may have subtle movements. With its remarkable ability to stretch and recover, it provides a robust, durable shield for your roof.

Practical Uses:

  • Accommodating Movement: Ideal for buildings and structures that experience expansions and contractions due to temperature changes.
  • Weather Resistance: Offers excellent weather resistance and UV reflection.


Selection Guide:

Opt for elastomeric aluminium coatings if the surface experiences significant temperature differentials or is subjected to extreme weather conditions, ensuring the coating doesn't crack or peel over time and moves harmoniously with the structure.

Fibrated Aluminium Coatings

The Lucas Aluminium Roof Coating 2 Lb. #758 - Fibrated represents our fibrated aluminium coatings, which are enriched with fibers that provide an extra layer of reinforcement and leak protection. These coatings are generally more robust and can be utilized in areas that demand an additional layer of strength and water resistance.

Practical Uses:

  • Enhanced Durability: Perfect for surfaces that require additional strength due to high foot traffic or heavy equipment.
  • Leak Prevention: Offers an additional barrier that helps prevent leaks and water damage.


Selection Guide:

Choose fibrated aluminium coatings for areas that necessitate additional durability and robust leak protection, such as flat roofs with water pooling issues or surfaces that accommodate foot traffic.

Through the Aluminium Coatings category at Roofing4Us, you can explore and select coatings that not only enhance the longevity of your roof but also significantly improve its resistance against environmental factors. Ensure to select a product that aligns seamlessly with your specific use-case requirements, enabling your structures to stand resiliently against time and elements.

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