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Lucas EPDM Non-Slip Traffic Surfacing #402 - 5 Gallon Bucket - All Shades
EPDM Non-Slip Traffic Surfacing #402 - lucas
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Welcome to the Paver & Concrete Sealers category at Roofing4Us, your one-stop destination where you'll find a curated selection of premium sealing solutions to safeguard your pavers and concrete surfaces. Given the myriad of sealing products in the market, we aim to streamline your choices, ensuring you select not just a good product, but the right product.

Pavers and concrete surfaces, despite their innate sturdiness, are subject to wear, degradation, and staining without proper protection. Sealers act as a shield, ensuring longevity and maintaining aesthetic appeal by guarding against weathering, stains, and efflorescence, as well as enhancing color and providing a desired finish, whether that be glossy, semi-gloss, or matte. Furthermore, specialized sealers also offer additional functionalities, such as non-slip properties, ensuring surfaces are safe to traverse under various conditions.

Broad Product Categories

1. General-Use Sealers

General-use sealers are versatile, suitable for various surfaces such as driveways, walkways, and patios. They are essential in protecting against water infiltration, UV damage, and general wear. While being broadly applicable, they maintain a balance in performance, offering decent protection against common threats to paved and concrete surfaces.

2. Specialized Sealers

Under this category, we house products designed for very specific needs and surfaces. For instance, sealers that are particularly fortified against harsh weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, or intense UV exposure.

3. Professional-Grade Sealers

A section dedicated to products that bring commercial-grade, heavy-duty protection to your pavers and concrete surfaces. These sealers are renowned for their superior longevity, enhanced protective properties, and the robust shield they provide against harsh conditions.

4. Eco-Friendly Sealers

For the environmentally conscious, our selection of eco-friendly sealers prioritizes products that limit environmental impact, consisting of low-VOC solutions and those made from sustainable resources, ensuring you can protect your surfaces while also safeguarding the planet.

Guiding Your Selection

When navigating through our Paver & Concrete Sealers category, consider the following aspects to pinpoint the optimal sealer:

  • Usage: Identify the type and frequency of traffic (foot vs. vehicle) your surface endures.
  • Aesthetic: Determine the desired finish and whether color enhancement is sought.
  • Environment: Consider the prevalent weather conditions and amount of sunlight exposure.
  • Application: Factor in ease of application and re-application over time.
  • Safety: If applicable, ensure the sealer offers non-slip properties to enhance safety.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider whether utilizing an eco-friendly sealer aligns with your values and local regulations.


In navigating through Roofing4Us’s comprehensive collection, each product is accompanied by detailed information and specifications, aiding in making an informed decision. Your paved and concrete surfaces are a vital part of your property’s appeal and functionality – ensuring they are impeccably sealed preserves their integrity, maintains their beauty, and safeguards your investment for years to come.

Explore, select, and seal with confidence with Roofing4Us.

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