S-5-AE Aluminum End Clamps
S-5-AE Aluminum End Clamps
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S-5-AE Aluminum End Clamps

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S-5-AE clamp and SnoPost E™ are used at the rate of one per 48' of assembly, and at the ends of the assembly to “fix” the SnoRod™, preventing lateral movement.

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The S-5-B clamp, designed specifically for brass double-folded 16 & 20 oz copper standing seams, ensures a reliable, penetration-free mount for rooftop installations, maintaining the structural integrity of the roof.

The S-5-E clamp, tailored for European double-folded standing seams, provides a secure, non-penetrative attachment for solar panels and other rooftop accessories, preserving roof integrity.

The S-5-EF clamp, designed specifically for European Flange profiles, is engineered for optimal performance with double-folded standing seams.

The S-5-FA flange adapter is compatible with all S-5! clamps (excluding brass) for seamless nut-and-bolt connections on standing seam roofs, enhancing versatility and installation ease.

The S-5-H clamp is designed for horizontal applications, ensuring compatibility with horizontal seams that may not be fully closed, ideal for securely attaching accessories to roofs without compromising the integrity of the seam.

The S-5-H90 clamp is designed for horizontal, single-folded seams, providing secure attachment without penetrating the metal roof panels, suitable for various standing seam profiles.

The S-5-K Grip, designed for KlipLok and similar profiles, is a versatile aluminum clamp engineered to securely attach without penetrating the panel surface, suitable for various standing seam metal roofs.

The S-5-K Grip Snow, designed for Klip-Rib® profiles, is made for securing ColorGard® snow stops, ensuring reliable snow retention on metal roofs without penetrating the panels.

The S-5-KHD clamp is designed for Klip-Rib and similar concealed-fix metal roofs, providing a robust attachment solution for heavy-duty applications without compromising the integrity of the roof.

The S-5-N nail strip, measuring 1 inch (25 mm), is designed for secure attachment to metal roofs, offering a reliable solution for mounting without penetrating the roof surface.

The S-5-N 1.5 is designed for 1.5" (38 mm) nail strips, suitable for securing accessories to metal roofs without penetrating the panel, ensuring a stable and damage-free installation on various metal seam profiles.

The S-5-Q clamp, with its distinct, smaller "bulb-shaped" design, ensures a snug fit on profiles not fully closed, ideal for secure installations on Double folded 16 & 20 oz copper standing seams.

The S-5-R465 clamp, designed for rib-roof panels, features bulb seams and employs two pairs of opposing setscrews for secure attachment without penetrating the roof surface.

The S-5-S clamp features a vertical snap-together design for secure, easy assembly. It's ideal for connecting vertical profiles with its snap-lock functionality, streamlining installation processes.

The S-5-T clamp, designed for T-shaped seam configurations, offers compatibility with vertical and horizontal seam orientations, enhancing versatility in metal roofing applications.

The S-5-U clamp is universal, designed to fit a wide range of standing seam profiles across North and South America, offering versatile application options for various roofing systems.

The S-5-USF, designed for universal system flanges, offers a versatile nut and bolt connection for most vertically-oriented seams, enhancing compatibility across various applications.

The S-5-V clamp, designed for vertical, machine-folded seams, offers optimal vertical grip, suitable for securing accessories to most vertical seams without piercing the metal.

The S-5-Z clamp, featuring a "Z for Zip Rib" design, is optimized for round "bulb" seam configurations, providing a secure attachment solution for various metal roof profiles.

The S-5-ZF, featuring the Zip Flange, offers a secure nut and bolt connection for various "bulb" seam configurations, ensuring robust attachment and compatibility with multiple seam types.

      S5 Lifetime Warranty

      S-5! offers two main warranties: a Lifetime Product Defect Warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship, and a System Performance Warranty for the ColorGard® Snow Retention system, which is unique in the snow guard market and has a term of 30 years or the life of the roof, whichever comes first. The Product Defect Warranty has been extended to a lifetime term based on their long history of minimal claims and their products designed to outlast the roofs they are mounted on. For more detailed information, please visit the S-5! Warranty page.

      brand S5
      Material type Aluminum

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