S5 VersaBracket 67
S5 VersaBracket 67
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S5 VersaBracket 67

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The VersaBracket is a bottom-fixed, metal roof bracket specifically designed for mounting S-5! ColorGard with VersaClip and solar PV to exposed‑fastened profiles. VersaBracket is compatible with the S-5-PVKIT® for rail-less (direct-attach™) or bottom-bolted rail for solar mounting. It can be used for other utility mounting as well.

VersaBracket 67 fasten through the roof, into the deck or structure using fasteners specifically designed to outlive the roof (fasteners sold separately for the appropriate substrate).


  • VersaBracket 67: 2.65” (67 mm)
  • Horizontal mounting face comes with 1” (25 mm) slot on top for 8 mm bolted attachments
  • Factory-applied, non-curing, 60-yr butyl sealant–just peel release paper and fasten
  • Reservoir conceals sealant from UV exposure, preventing UV degradation and over-compression
  • Design uses a “triple-seal” for watertight assurance


Note: We do NOT recommend the use of VersaBracket for side-bolted rail with L-Foot. For these applications, please see ProteaBracket, VersaGard, or SolarFoot


S5 Lifetime Warranty

S-5! offers two main warranties: a Lifetime Product Defect Warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship, and a System Performance Warranty for the ColorGard® Snow Retention system, which is unique in the snow guard market and has a term of 30 years or the life of the roof, whichever comes first. The Product Defect Warranty has been extended to a lifetime term based on their long history of minimal claims and their products designed to outlast the roofs they are mounted on. For more detailed information, please visit the S-5! Warranty page.

brand S5
Compatibility Compatible with the S-5-PVKIT for rail-less (direct-attach™) or bottom-bolted rail for solar mounting. It can be used for other utility mounting as well
Design Specifically designed for mounting S-5! ColorGard with VersaClip and solar PV to exposed‑fastened profiles

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