Owens Corning QuietZone Faced Batts (All Sizes) QuietZone
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Owens Corning QuietZone Faced Batts (All Sizes)

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Owens Corning QuietZone Acoustic Batts with PureFiber Technology are acoustically designed to control noise transmission between rooms, absorbing sound vibrations within the wall cavity to control noise in your home. They provide excellent in-place acoustical performance, and are as easy to install as regular insulation. Depending on the construction method used, QuietZone acoustic batts can improve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings by 4 to 10 decibels. They're ideal for home theaters, family rooms, home offices, kitchens, bedrooms and laundry rooms—wherever noise control is needed.

*Accepted acoustics standard is that a 10 dB increase doubles perceived sound and a 10 dB decrease halves it. QuietZone offers a 6 dB increase in sound reduction, which equals a 30% decrease in perceived sound.

Size Sq/Ft Per Bag Batts Per Bag IRN
3.5" x 15" x 93" 155 16 WB8A
3.5" x 15" x 105" 175 16 Q14
3.5" x 23" x 93" 237.67 16 WB9A


  • Maintains original acoustical properties over time
  • It's made from water-repellent glass fibers; making it a mildew resistant insulation material which doesn't slump over time
  • Creates quieter and peaceful living space
  • It's lightweight, easy to handle and install. It can be cut to fit tight space
  • Perfect installation in interior wall, floor, ceilings
Length 93", 105"
Width 15", 23"
Thickness 3.5"
Application Wood Framing
Brand Owens Corning
Facing Faced
Irn Q14, WB8A, WB9A
Product Type QuietZone

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