Mobile Base Unit System
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Mobile Base Unit System

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The Tie Down Overhead Fall Protection System is a unique, highly effective fall arrest system that features a fall factor of ZERO. This means that the worker's arresting distance is extremely minimal, allowing for them to return to work quickly and safely after rescue. Tie Down has a wide range of accessories that can be installed in multiple situations, allowing for it to be one of the most versatile and effective overhead fall protection systems on the market. Those setups include a Conical Tube, Column Clamps, Tripod, and Counterweights.

Key Features

  • Must be handled by a crane at all times
  • Allows the operator to work safely covering an area of 1345.49 square feet and move within a radius of 18ft. around the vertical boom
  • Inverted L shaped metal structure measuring 8ft. 2in. long and 14ft. 1in. high (11ft. 5in. when attached to the column)
  • Housing steel tube of 3ft. height
  • Safety system useful for perimeters
  • Provides fall protection while installing boards, safety handrails, gallows-type safety nets, form work risers, and all activities in formwork assembly where the risk of falling from a height
  • Easy to assemble and use (does not require external installers)
Brand Tie Down

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