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HandiFoam Spray Foam E84 Class 1 Fire Retardant II 205 Spray Foam
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Handi-Foam Fire Retardant E84 (HFO) II-205

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Handi-Foam E84 Class 1 Spray Foam is a low-pressure foam system that utilizes a non-flammable blowing agent. Handi-Foam E84 Class 1 Spray Foam has been specifically formulated for flame retardancy and conforms to the requirements of ASTM E84 as a "Class 1(A)" system (flame spread of 25 or less, smoke development of 450 or less). The foam helps to lower heating and cooling costs by drastically reducing energy consumption.

Comes with hose and gun assembly. It also comes with 8 nozzles. 5no cone nozzles with which 3 nozzles are fan nozzles.

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Applications Areas

Spray foam onto any clean, dry surface in any direction to insulate, fill and seal various size voids, deaden sound or reduce vibration. It is specifically designed to spray onto flat or irregular surfaces and to fill large cavities where flame retardant requirements specify E84 Class 1 (A) Spray Foam.


Tech Data & Resources

R-VALUE (AGED) 6.0 at 1" thick
12.0 at 2" thick
DENSITY 1.75 lb/ft3 (28 kg/m3)
TACK-FREE TIME 30–60 seconds
CUTTABLE 2–5 minutes
CELL STRUCTURE 95% CLOSED cell content
FIRE RATING ASTM E84 at 2" thick
Flame Spread 20
Smoke Developed 400

ESR 2717

CCMC #13455-L

NFPA 286

SHELF LIFE 6 months - Refill
12 months - Disposable

Common Product Uses


  • Sealing insulation board joints
  • Foundation insulation
  • Mobile home skirting sealing and insulating
  • Insulating crawlspace wall
  • Insulating and sealing rim joists
  • Sealing ductwork joints
  • Residential wall insulation
  • A thin coat of spray foam to seal and insulate for "flash and batt"
  • Sealing can lights
  • Air sealing attic
  • Sealing attic baffles
  • Post mold remediation sealing (prevent future mold)


  • Thermal break on cinder block wall
  • Insulating metal buildings
  • Sealing the roof/wall juncture
  • Asbestos abatement and encapsulation
  • Sealing silos and storage bins
  • Cold storage insulation
  • Insulating storage tanks (gas, industrial, winery, etc.)
  • Temporary roof "night seal"
  • Sealing retrofitted windows in historical buildings
  • Insulating irregular shaped industrial piping


  • Manufactured housing insulation
  • Refrigerated trailer insulating (new & repair)
  • Truck cab insulating and stabilization
  • Air handler insulation
  • Foam shape creation
  • Trailer insulation
  • Recreation vehicle insulation
  • Temporary emergency structure insulation
  • Vehicle door insulation and vibration control


  • Theater set design
  • Statue repair
  • Statue creation
  • Smokehouse sealing
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Repairing and sealing damaged cargo containers
  • Insulating and sealing military tents
  • Filling post/pole holes in replace of cement
Brand HandiFoam
Cuttable 2 - 5 Minutes
Fire rating ASTM E84 at 2" thick
Flame spread 20
Fully cured time 1 Hour
Product density 1.75 lb/ft3 (28 kg/m3)
Product type Spray Foam
R value 6.0 at 1" thick & 12.0 at 2" thick
Savtran hazmat 1
Savtran pallet height inch 24
Savtran product length inch 19
Shelf life 6 months - Refill & 12 months - Disposable
Smoke developed 400
Sq ft pack 205 at 1"
Tack free time 30 - 60 Seconds
Weight kg 41

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