Dual Run Capacitors
Dual Run Capacitors
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Dual Run Capacitor


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The Dual Run Capacitor is an advanced solution tailored for optimizing HVAC systems. This capacitor is meticulously engineered to meet high industry standards, ensuring enhanced performance, reliability, and longevity in heating and cooling applications.

Key Features:

  1. Defective Code A Reliability: Both models boast a Defective Code A, reflecting their commitment to reliability. Crafted with stringent quality controls, they significantly reduce the risk of malfunctions, ensuring consistent and dependable performance for your HVAC system.

  2. High Voltage Capability (370V): Designed to effortlessly handle the electrical demands of your HVAC system, these capacitors ensure a stable and efficient power supply, thus supporting the optimal functioning of your equipment.

  3. Dual Microfarads (MFD) Configurations:

    • PROCFD455: Features a dual capacitance of 45+5 MFD, providing precise electrical storage and enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your HVAC system.
    • PROCFD355: Comes with a dual capacitance of 35+5 MFD, offering precise energy storage and contributing to the consistent performance of your heating and cooling applications.
  4. Moderate Velocity (Velocity: B): Both capacitors are engineered with a moderate velocity, boosting the overall efficiency of HVAC systems. This feature facilitates improved energy efficiency and reliable performance.

Brand ProAire
Defective Code A
Velocity B
Volts 370 V

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