ColorGard Punched (With Splice)
ColorGard® Punched (With Splice)
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ColorGard® Punched (With Splice)

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  • Punched ColorGard features crossmembers that are slotted 4" on center for seams that are spaced accordingly. Seams must be divisible by 4. Used with all compatible S-5! standing seam clamps. Punched ColorGard is not for use with exposed-fastened metal roofing profiles.
  • ColorGard® Punched offers a perfect color match using actual roof material, and features durable construction with Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® paint systems, ensuring over 30 years of color fade resistance.
  • The system uses non-penetrative S-5!® clamps for secure attachment, is engineered for specific site conditions, and has chemical resilience, preventing leakage and maintaining roof integrity.
  • It enhances safety by managing snow accumulation, preserves roof aesthetics, and is a long-term investment for homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities with metal roofing.

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Colorgard Components


Use the VersaClip to connect unpunched ColorGard crossmembers to compatible S-5! standard clamps or exposed fastened brackets.

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ColorGard® UnPunched

Unpunched ColorGard accommodates any seam spacing.

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SnoClip II

Retards migration of snow and ice beneath crossmembers. For rib (seam) heights between 1" and 1-3/4"

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SnoClip III

Retards migration of snow and ice beneath crossmembers. For rib (seam) heights from 1-3/4" to 3"

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The ColorGard® Punched snow retention system is an innovative solution designed to combat the hazards of rooftop snow avalanches, which pose risks to passers-by, vehicles, and adjacent structures. This state-of-the-art system not only enhances safety but also preserves the aesthetic appeal of your metal roof.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Color Match: ColorGard® Punched uses a strip of the actual roof material, ensuring an exact color match with your roof. This guarantees that the system will maintain its color synchrony with the roof for its entire lifespan.

  • Advanced Material Quality: The system is built with premium Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® (PVDF) paint systems, renowned for their coil-coated and oven-cured finishes. These finishes are the only ones in the market warranted against color fade for over 30 years.

  • Durable Construction: The components are constructed from aircraft-grade, high tensile aluminum and accompanied by non-ferrous stainless steel hardware, ensuring durability and performance longevity.

  • Non-Penetrative Attachment: The patented S-5!® clamps offer a secure grip on the seam of metal roofs without penetration, eliminating concerns about leakage, corrosion, and voided warranties. This feature is crucial in maintaining the integrity and weather-tightness of your roof.

  • Site-Specific Engineering: Unique to ColorGard® Punched, each system is designed and engineered on a site-specific basis, ensuring the highest level of performance and compatibility with your specific roofing conditions.

  • Chemical Resilience: The system’s fluorocarbon-based paint resins, akin to Teflon in composition, exhibit excellent non-stick properties. This feature makes ColorGard® immune to the weaknesses of temporary bonding solutions like tapes, glues, and adhesives.



  • Enhanced Safety: By effectively managing snow accumulation, ColorGard® Punched dramatically reduces the risks of snow avalanches from roofs, protecting pedestrians, vehicles, and adjacent structures.

  • Aesthetic Preservation: The system preserves the original look of your roof, blending seamlessly with its color and finish.

  • Long-Term Investment: With its unmatched durability and color-matching warranty, ColorGard® Punched is a long-term investment in both the safety and appearance of your property.


Ideal for homeowners, businesses, and industrial facilities with metal roofing, ColorGard® Punched is the optimal choice for those seeking a blend of safety, aesthetics, and lasting performance. Trust ColorGard® Punched to protect and enhance your metal roof.

Comes with Colorgard Splice


From The Manufacturer

Powder-coated and air-dried paint finishes fade faster than the roof, producing an unsightly mismatch in just a few years. ColorGard’s finish match lasts the life of the roof - guaranteed because it is the same material as the roof! Our metal roof snow guards can be easily installed any time of the year. Retrofit ColorGard to an existing roof or incorporate it in the new roof design.

ColorGard Benefits: 

  • Free lifetime material/defect warranty
  • Limited lifetime performance warranty available
  • Optional job-specific, low-cost P.E. wet stamp available
  • Affordable cost with documented holding strength
  • Compatible with all standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles
  • Perfect color and finish-matching for the life of the roof
  • Easy-to-use online project calculator for job-specific engineering and BOM
  • Proven performance since 1995 – 4,000+ miles of installations without a single documented failure

S5 Lifetime Warranty

S-5! offers two main warranties: a Lifetime Product Defect Warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship, and a System Performance Warranty for the ColorGard® Snow Retention system, which is unique in the snow guard market and has a term of 30 years or the life of the roof, whichever comes first. The Product Defect Warranty has been extended to a lifetime term based on their long history of minimal claims and their products designed to outlast the roofs they are mounted on. For more detailed information, please visit the S-5! Warranty page.

Pros & Cons

  • Ensures a perfect color match with the roof using actual roof material, maintaining aesthetic appeal.
  • Non-penetrative installation with S-5!® clamps, protecting the roof from damage and preserving weather-tightness warranties.
  • Durable construction using high-tensile aluminum and stainless steel hardware, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Engineered on a site-specific basis for optimal performance and compatibility with different metal roofs.
  • Paint finish resistant to fading, warranted for over 30 years, ensuring lasting visual consistency.
  • Enhances safety by effectively managing snow accumulation and preventing dangerous snow avalanches.
  • Environmentally friendly, with minimal maintenance required over its lifespan.
  • Potentially higher initial cost compared to standard snow guard systems due to custom engineering and high-quality materials.
  • May require professional installation to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  • Limited to metal roofs, not suitable for other roofing materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ColorGard® Punched and how does it work?

ColorGard® Punched is a snow retention system designed for metal roofs. It helps prevent the sudden release of snow and ice from roofs, thus protecting anything beneath. The system is uniquely engineered to match the roof's color and is attached using non-penetrative clamps, ensuring both safety and aesthetic integrity.

How does ColorGard® ensure a perfect color match with my roof?

ColorGard® uses a strip of the actual roof material to guarantee a perfect match. This method, combined with its advanced Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® paint systems, ensures the color remains consistent with the roof for its entire lifespan.

Is the installation of ColorGard® Punched invasive to the roof?

No, ColorGard® Punched uses S-5!® clamps for attachment, which grip the metal seam without penetrating the roof. This method protects the roof from potential leakages, corrosion, and preserves the warranty of the roof's weather-tightness.

Will ColorGard® Punched work on all types of metal roofs?

ColorGard® Punched is designed for a wide range of metal roofs. However, it is engineered on a site-specific basis to ensure optimal compatibility and performance for your particular roofing system.

How durable is ColorGard® Punched, and what is its lifespan?

Constructed from high-tensile, aircraft-grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware, ColorGard® Punched is extremely durable. It is designed to last as long as the roof itself, with a paint finish warranted against fading for over 30 years.

Can ColorGard® Punched handle heavy snowfall?

Yes, ColorGard® Punched is engineered to withstand heavy snow loads. Its site-specific design takes into account local snowfall patterns and roof characteristics to maximize its snow retention capability.

Is special maintenance required for ColorGard® Punched?

No special maintenance is required. Its durable construction and non-fade paint ensure that ColorGard® Punched remains effective and visually consistent with minimal upkeep.

How does ColorGard® Punched impact the environment?

ColorGard® Punched is environmentally friendly. Its non-invasive installation and durable materials minimize environmental impact. Additionally, by preventing sudden snow slides, it contributes to safety and property protection.

brand S5
Compatibility Compatible with all standing seam and exposed-fastened metal roof profiles
Installation Installs in 7' 8" lengths
Height 2.15"

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