Incredible Roof Designs that will Transform Your Home

If there’s one area we think that doesn’t get enough attention, it’s the roof of your home. Plenty of work goes into the garden, the walls, window frames and even your doors, but people forget about how important roof design is.

You might think about your roof when considering what to do with your attic and if you can convert it, but that doesn’t have to change its appearance (although dormer windows do add some character).

Whether you want something big and obvious, or roof design ideas that are more understated and detailed, there’s plenty of inspiration out there.

Where to find roof design ideas

There’s a lot of places you can take inspiration from when you want to add something new to your roof - a whole world, in fact!

From modern buildings to gothic, there are so many ideas out there. Roof design can cover tiles, shape, height and windows to create something outstanding. If you’re looking to stand out, it’s an area of your property not to ignore.


The most obvious roof design you’ll see is the triangular-shaped roofs on most houses. There might be a chimney or two and neat roof tiles for a smart finish. This is a sleek and efficient design that can survive the weathrand keep you warm and dry inside.

While the colour of the tiles vary, depending on the material used, they are often paired with the building’s look to create a seamless finish or a sharp contrast.

As well as the tall, sloped roofs, you’ll also see shallower or even flat roofs on some houses. This is usually to give homeowners more space in the attic, increasing the number of rooms and value of the home, while ensuring there’s an easy way for water to flow into the gutter.


Gothic roof design is a very distinctive style, and appeals to a lot of people looking to make an impression. Many people think of it as dark and gloomy, but that’s not always the case. It also offers a lot of freedom in how you express yourself.

You’ll be looking to create tall roofs (great for increasing headroom in the attic) and adding arches for effect, usually at the ends of the building and over windows - which should be large and bring in plenty of natural light. The angle and style are up to you, but you can add ornate detail to them and around the edges that truly make your property stand out.

If you want to go for the full effect, gargoyles or other creatures act as guardians that keep watch over your home. 


Tall buildings, narrower roofs, winding streets full of matching buildings - or possibly vividly colourful buildings - encompases the European design. To really get a European roof, you’ll want any windows to be long or tall, and curved at the top where possible. This style comes from making as much use of smaller homes and still getting plenty of light inside.

Part of the reason for steep roofs is to help snow slide off. Too much weight could cause damage and when it melts there’s more water to try and seep through to inside the property. Anything you can do to minimise the risk of this is worth doing, making the style visually pleasing and useful.


Thatched roofs were a popular choice, and while you still see them, they’re done for effect over a more modern cover for your home. These roofs are seen more on cottages and large houses in parts of Europe, often creating a very specific look and are popular with holidaymakers.

While thatched roof design can be more maintenance than other styles, it will set you apart and make your home unique. The thatching can stop at the edge of your roof, or run all the way from the top of your home to the ground. Make sure you have the underroof in good condition before applying the thatching material.

Modern roof design for your home

While you can choose any of these roof designs to inspire you, make sure that you use modern roofing materials and supplies. This gives you the best stability and protection.

There are a lot of modern roof ideas that could appeal, too, such as a flat roof covered with grass and flowers. This requires a lot more maintenance and you need to have good access to keep everything alive, but it gives you more space to enjoy.

Curved or round roofs are an obvious attention grabber, but require planning and building to make use of certain areas of your home. If you already have an older building with round areas and walls, this is easier to manage, but you can add spires or even create a round roof that hangs over your entire home.

You might have seen stepped roofs, too, often with a gradual slope to help water run off the edges. These tend to be shallow in height and need a lot of space to put in place properly. With bigger buildings, it’s definitely an option if you want to convert your attic into a floor in its own right.

Any roofing project needs careful planning and consideration, and you’ll need to make sure you have the necessary permits and approvals before starting any work. Once you’ve done all this, you can get on with making your roof a better fit for you and your home.

Want to know more about roof design and supplies?

Once you have a few ideas about your roof design and what you’d like to achieve, get in touch with the team at Roofing4US and find out what we can do to help you transform your home.

There are lots of projects you can do around the property, including attic conversions, roof insulation and many more. Roof design is another one to consider as you work towards the perfect home.