About Roofing4US and Policies

How does Roofing4US work?  

Roofing4US provides a central location for all the largest Roofing distributors and manufacturers nationwide, meaning we can provide our customers with an unrivalled product selection. Roofing4US has over 600 shipping locations across the US and our team are experts in Residential, Commercial and Industrial roofing applications.

Feel free to speak with one of our product specialists who can answer any questions you may have before you order.

Customer service is the backbone of our business

Ensuring that our customers are supported from the time an order is placed online to the time it arrives is our top priority and we are happy to offer advice on installation once it arrives.

Customer Policy

The Roofing4US Customer Policy requires all transactions and payments to be completed through Roofing4US. The same policy specifies that Roofing4US member-to-member communication may not be used to share contact information other than where required to deliver items ordered.

Only transactions conducted through Roofing4US are covered by the Roofing4US protection program—which helps to ensure buyers can conduct business on Roofing4US with confidence and be 100% secure.


JohnPaul Manning
CEO Roofing4US