Deck Mounted vs Curb Mounted Skylights: Which is the Best Option for Your Home?

When it comes to installing skylights, there are two main types to choose from: deck mounted vs curb mounted skylights. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand the differences between them before making your decision. In this article, we will be taking a look at the pros and cons of each type of skylight.

Deck Mounted Skylights

Deck mounted skylights are installed directly on the roof deck surface, rather than in a raised section of the roof known as a "curb." This makes them easier to install since you don't have to build a separate frame just cut an opening in the roof deck and set the skylight in place. However, they are less energy efficient than curb mounted skylights because they don't provide as much insulation due to their lack of air space between them and the roof deck. Additionally, they can be more prone to water leaks if not adequately sealed against weather conditions.

Deck mounted skylights typically require a more complicated installation process, as they need to be properly flashed and sealed to prevent leaks. However, they offer several advantages, including:

Better energy efficiency: Deck mounted skylights are typically more energy efficient than curb mounted skylights, as they provide a better seal and prevent air leakage.

Improved aesthetics: Deck mounted skylights offer a more streamlined, modern look that can enhance the overall appearance of a building.

Greater durability: Deck mounted skylights are more durable and can withstand high winds, heavy rain, and other extreme weather conditions.

Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb mounted skylights are installed in a raised section of the roof known as a "curb." This makes them more energy efficient because there is an air pocket between the skylight and the roof deck that provides better insulation from outside temperatures. They also tend to be more watertight because of their raised design which prevents rainwater from coming into direct contact with them. On the downside, installing curb mounted skylights can be more labor-intensive since you need to build a frame around them before setting them in place. This can increase both installation time and cost.

The skylight is then mounted onto the curb. Curb mounted skylights are easier to install than deck mounted skylights, as they require less preparation and flashing. However, they have some disadvantages, including:

Lower energy efficiency: Curb mounted skylights are less energy efficient than deck mounted skylights, as they are more prone to air leakage and heat loss.

More visible from the outside: Curb mounted skylights are more visible from the outside of the building, which may be less desirable for some homeowners or building owners.

Lower durability: Curb mounted skylights are more vulnerable to damage from wind, rain and other weather conditions, as they sit higher on the roof and are not as securely attached as deck mounted skylights.

Deck mounted skylights offer better energy efficiency, improved aesthetics, and greater durability, but require a more complex installation process. Curb mounted skylights are easier to install, but are less energy efficient more visible and less durable than deck mounted skylights. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs, preferences and budget.