5 Ways to Decorate Your Roof For Christmas

The festive season is upon us and there’s no better way to celebrate than by decorating your home and roof with Christmas decorations. Christmas is a time for us all to show our creative sides, whether you want to go bold or go for an elegant look this year, there’s an impressive option for us all. Plus, there’s nothing like driving around our home towns during the festive period and being inspired by the brightest, decorative houses. 

Wondering how to decorate your roof this season? We’re going to take a look at five unique ways to decorate your roof for Christmas. Read more below!

Roof Decorations For the Festive Season Ahead 

Some of the best Christmas displays are eye-catching, bright, and most importantly, magical. Many of us focus on making the insides of our homes festive, but now is the time to make sure the outside of our homes are equally festive too. Ready to spread some joy?

1. Keep it simple with elegant Christmas lights 

Christmas lights are a staple decoration for the inside and outside of homes. They add a  gorgeous glow and make us feel comfortable as it gets dark outside. They also make your house look warm and inviting before anyone has even stepped inside. 

You can get Christmas lights for outdoors in a range of different colours and styles. If you’re wanting a conventional, elegant look, opt for warm white lights to decorate your roof. Otherwise, if you would like a more adventurous look, choose multicoloured lights. Christmas lights are usually relatively inexpensive and cost around $14 - $20 per 30ft depending on the type you choose.

2. Add an inflatable Christmas holiday scene to your roof 

Name a better way to decorate your home than by adding a full holiday scene to your roof. This option is for people who want to go all out this Christmas and stand out from the crowd. You can create a holiday scene in many ways. If you have a chimney why not add an inflatable Santa delivering presents whilst his reindeers wait for him on the roof? Or, there are options to have an inflatable Santa and his sleigh set off from your roof. This is a great way to excite young ones in the family, and also any that pass by your house!

3. Hang icicle or snowflakes lights from the edges of your roof 

Another way to get creative with Christmas lights is by choosing ones in the shape of snowflakes or icicles. Adding these types of lights to the edges of your roof give the illusion that snowflakes are hanging from your roof. They are also perfect for turning your outside space into a mini winter wonderland. You can choose ones that line all the edges of your roof or you can place individual larger at different points. For 13ft expect to pay around $20-$30 and for packs of 4 larger snowflakes, expect to pay around $30.

4. Add fake snow to your roof for a winter wonderland effect 

For many of us, snow and the Christmas spirit go hand in hand. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing untouched snowfall on a cold, winter's day. If you live in a state or area that doesn’t see much snow during the festive season, you can create your own snow. This can be done by adding a layer of fake snow to your roofing area to create the illusion of snowfall. It’s also a really cheap way to create your very own grotto, with a 10m roll costing about $13.

5. Add a Christmas message to your roof 

There’s so many Christmas messages you can add to your roof. There’s the conventional ‘Ho ho ho’ or ‘Santa please stop here!’, as well as ‘Noel’. These all make great options because we all know and love them. Adding a message like this adds a nice touch to people passing by on foot or in cars.

Roof Decorations to Avoid This Christmas 

It should be fun and exciting when you’re ready to decorate your home and roof this Christmas. However, it can also be quite dangerous putting up decorations on your roof, especially during the winter season when it is more slippy than usual. As well as this, it can be easy to damage your roofing materials if you don’t take proper care when installing your decorations. There are, then, a few things you can do to avoid damaging your roof, you can: 

  • Avoid heavy decorations that will add pressure to your roof structure
  • Use clips, rather than staples or nails, to secure Christmas lights and prevent broken roofing materials.
  • Avoid anything permanent like paint.

Things To Consider When Decorating Your Roof This Christmas Season 

Remember, decorating your home for Christmas should be fun and safety comes first. We recommend that you always have someone to assist you whenever you’re doing any work on your roof. This can be to check your ladder is in a safe position or to guide you when you’re putting up decorations. Let’s take a look at some more safety precautions to consider. The two main factors you need to consider when adding Christmas decorations to your roof this year are: 

Protect your roofing materials - there are a few things you can do to protect your roof during the festive season. Firstly, before you install anything check your roofing area for any signs of damage, you can look out for: broken roofing material, portusions, excess debris. You will need to fix or remove this before installing. Secondly, you can limit the amount of walking you do on your roof. Excessive walking may result in wear and tear.

Why not add a roof coating to your finishing material for added protection this winter? This will ensure an extra layer which offers waterproof protection and protection from the added decorations.

Check your decorations and lights before installing to the roof - before installing them onto your roof, check your decorations are in good condition. With Christmas lights, straighten them out and check for any damaged or exposed wires as this increases the risk of electrical accidents.

Make sure you take safety precautions - having a sturdy ladder is extremely important, it also helps if someone can help you secure it at the base. Also, make sure you wear PPE when putting anything on your roof to increase your visibility.

Ready For the Christmas Spirit This Season?

We hope this post has put you in the festive spirit ready for the Christmas season upon us. You can decorate your roof in many different ways, from adding some simple light decorations to going all out with a full festive scene including reindeers and Santa. If you have any questions about protecting your roof during the winter season, when decorations are in full swing, please feel free to contact us for more information.