Attic Windows to Transform Your Home

When you first look at a house, the first things you’ll notice are the size and shape of the building. Then you look at the other features, such as brickwork, colour, garden and even windows. Each of these elements contribute to how we feel about the way a home comes together. Some are harder to change than others, but others, like attic windows, are easier to change to our liking.

Different attic windows can alter the shape and style of your home. From inset windows that blend perfectly right through to dormer windows or more ornate, elaborate designs, we’re looking at just some of the ways you can transform the look of your home and what other benefits might come with them.

Attic window types and styles

There are plenty of different types of attic window to choose from, with some types evolutions of older ones and certain brands building their name on a particular type. Some of the more popular options are:

  • Skylights - There are a number of different skylight options to choose form, covering shape and size. These give you total control over how much light enters the attic and how obvious you want these windows to be. Depending on your roof, you can also have tunnels to channel the light for a seamless inclusion. Self-flashing skylights make the installation much simpler to handle and ensure you get all the benefits.
  • Velux windows - Velux windows are a popular choice of attic window thanks to their neat design and relative simplicity to install. They are variations of the skylight and ensure that plenty of light enters the attic or room and usually offer a ventilation function that works even when the window is closed. Whichever velux window you choose, make sure to check if you need a velux skylight flashing kit to seal everything properly and in the right style.
  • Dormer windows - Dormer windows are incredibly popular for attic conversions. They bring plenty of light inside while adding height and usable space to the attic. They can also be varying sizes, depending on the sizeof your home and what you’re looking to achieve.
  • Balcony windows - If you have, or are planning on including a balcony on a conversion project, you’ll need different windows that you can open fully and enjoy the outdoor space. This might be in a dormer style or another, depending if you alter the roof’s shape completely.

Design flourishes on different types of attic windows

While the window itself is a big part of your roof and attic space, some people have gone further with some interesting design choices to add to and enhance their home. Any of these can instantly add a flair that’s unique to you.

Painted frames

One of the biggest ways people can make their windows - and homes - stand out is with painted window frames. A bold white colour not only adds brightness but depending on the colour of your home, it can be a strong way to stand out.

That doesn’t mean you have to choose that colour. You can go with whichever takes your fancy, but it is a good idea to think about what colour combinations work well. Neighbourhood feel is another factor to consider, too, and just because you're thinking about attic windows doesn’t mean they should be ignored.


Shutters can add character to any window, no matter the size and shape. They can also offer some shade while letting fresh air and some light in the room. Depending on the slope of your roof, you might think shutters aren’t suitable but there are plenty of people who make them work.

Shutters can be painted different colours, too, to either stand out or blend in. With different attic window types out there, you can also choose between one or two per window to make it really unique to your home.

Whatever you choose, make sure you can easily open and close them without too much risk.


Square and rectangle windows are common on most houses and buildings. They are easy to measure for and fit, so it’s not surprising. They also let in plenty of light and make it easier to measure and cut curtains and blinds to fit them.

Despite this, windows don’t have to be this shape! Circular, arched and triangular are just some of the shapes you can see. These can be great choices for attic windows as they can make the most of the space you already have on angled attic walls. They add personality to your home, too, so are worth thinking about when looking at attic window types and options.


Building ornaments and designs aren’t directly related to windows, but they are linked. European, gothic and medieval architecture all feature designs across buildings. Sometimes these appear on pillars, others around the roof and gutter. These can create ornate frames around windows, too.

Whether you want to embrace these popular building flourishes, go for something more modern or create something unique, think how they will work with your property. Are the windows the right shape and size? Are they space evenly enough for complex patterns or simple ones. With attic windows, you’re potentially limiting the impact of some of these elements, but not all, so keep them in mind for consistency.

Thinking about installing attic windows?

Attic windows come in different sizes and types, and the final choice will depend on your property and what you want to get out of your attic space - as well as the overall look and feel of your property. Some attic window types are easier to move between than others, too, such as going from velux to dormer rather than the other way around.

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