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Mod-Bit Cement #764 - Trowel - Wet/Dry - 5 Gallon Bucket
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Lucas Mod-Bit Cement #764 - Trowel - Wet/Dry - 5 Gallon Bucket

SKU: L-777-5

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Lucas #764 is designed as a cold process inter-ply adhesive for SBS modified bitumen single ply membranes. Cold process adhesives eliminate the need for hazardous torches and hot asphalt kettles. Lucas Modified Bitumen Adhesives are easy to apply with minimal equipment, effort, and cost.

Lucas #764 Mod-Bit Cement is manufactured from refined modified asphalts, a special solvent blend, and non-asbestos reinforcing fibers. The special solvents contained in this product help to create an extremely strong and durable bond between the substrate and the modified bitumen membrane. #764 Trowel Grade is designed for adhering SBS modified bitumen membranes to flashings and other vertical surfaces. Although it was designed as an adhesive, #764 can be used for flashing around vents, pipes, skylights and other roof penetrations as well as for patching high movement areas on SBS and asphalt built-up roofs.


Lucas Mod-Bit Cement should only be applied to surfaces that are sound and clean. May be applied to wet surfaces only when used without an SBS membrane. Temperatures should be a minimum of 40° F and there should be no threat of rain. The adhesive may thicken in cold weather. To improve cold weather applicability store the adhesives in a warm place prior to use. Apply directly from the can; do not thin. The SBS modified bitumen sheets should preferably be cut into sections less than 20 ft. in length and allowed to relax and flatten out before being installed. All laps should be a minimum of 4 inches wide.

brand Lucas
color Black
Flash Point 103°F / 39°C
Material Type Cement
Weight Per Gallon 9.1 lbs

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