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Kwik Set Damp Tack #759 - 5 Gallon Bucket - Lucas
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Lucas Kwik Set Damp Tack #759 - 5 Gallon Bucket

SKU: L-759-5

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Lucas #759 is a fast-setting asphalt mastic intended for repairing asphalt roofs in all weather conditions. Cold process sealants eliminate the need for hazardous torches and hot asphalt kettles.

Lucas #759 Kwik-Set Damp Tack is manufactured from refined modified asphalts, a special solvent blend, and reinforcing fibers. The special solvents contained in this product help to create an extremely strong and durable bond between the substrate and promote a fast cure. A thick brushable viscosity allows for faster application than trowel on products and easier re-application of gravel when desired. This product contains a unique surface active agent that allows application to wet and underwater surfaces.


The surface must be clean. Apply with a soft bristle brush at the rate of four gallons per 100 sq. ft. on smooth surfaces roofs and 10 gallons per 100 square feet on gravel roofs. Embed polyester fabric for added strength and durability. Replace gravel if desired.

All application rates are approximate and are derived from our laboratory tests and reported field experience. It is left to the judgment of the applicator to assure that sufficient material is applied for adhesion and coverage. Over application may extend drying time.

Shelf Life: 2 years minimum.

Please Note: This product is not available in California.

brand Lucas
color Black
Flash Point 103°F / 39°C
material type Asphalt
VOC <270 g/l
Weight Per Gallon 8.2 lbs

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