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Elastomeric Base Coating #1000TPO - For TPO Roofs Roof Coatings
Elastomeric Base Coating #1000TPO - For TPO Roofs Roof Coatings
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Lucas Elastomeric Base Coating #1000TPO - For TPO Roofs - Full Range

SKU: L-1000TPO-5

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Lucas #1000TPO Elastomeric Base Coating is a 100% acrylic elastomeric roof coating designed for specifically application to aged TPO roofs. A higher degree of rubber-like elasticity allows this product to match the elastic characteristic of TPO single-ply membranes. Lucas #1000TPO must be top-coated with Lucas #1000TC.

Lucas #1000TPO is formulated from 100% acrylic polymers. #1000TPO is supplied in a light blue color to shorten dry time and allow the applicator to visually differentiate between base and top coated areas. This is a water-based material and must be kept from freezing.

This product comes in a Base Coat Gray Color.


Mechanically mix before using. Do not store above 90ºF. Apply only at temperatures above 40ºF and rising with less than 90% humidity and no threat of rain for 48 hours. The roof must be power-washed clean with a suitable residue-free detergent such as Lucas #115. The surface may be damp but must be free of standing water. Surface temperatures should be under 100ºF to avoid premature curing. If roof surface is hot, apply a light water spray to reduce its temperature.

Repairs may be made with Lucas #5500 Seam Sealer or #6500 Universal Flashing Cement prior to coating application. These are solvent based products and should be allowed to cure 48 hours prior to coating. Alternately, repairs may be made with Lucas #1500 Acrylic Mastic only after the base coat of Lucas #1000TPO has been applied and is fully cured.

When applied to areas that retain water more than 48 hours service life will be severely diminished and adhesion failure can be expected.

brand Lucas
color Light Blue
Material Type Acrylic
Tensile Strength 250 psi
Weight per Gallon 11.1 lbs

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