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Coal Tar Resaturant #010 - Full Range
Coal Tar Resaturant #010 - Full Range
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Lucas Coal Tar Resaturant #010 - Full Range

SKU: L-010-5

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#010 Coal Tar Roof Coating/Resaturant is designed for use in rejuvenating coal tar and gravel roofs. Lucas #010 is formulated to penetrate, soften and reseal built-up coal tar and gravel roofs to restore pliability and self-healing characteristics essential for long roof life. Asphalt and gravel roofs should be recoated with our #713 Asphalt Bitumen Resaturant or #037 Modified Thermoplastic Coating.

Lucas #010 Coal Tar Roof Coating/Resaturant is manufactured from 100% refined coal tar pitch, aromatic solvents reinforcing fibers and mineral fillers to adjust viscosity and working properties. No asphaltic or aliphatic materials are added to this product. Coal tar products change viscosity rapidly and irregularly with temperature variations. Coal tar products such as #010 have a characteristic odor which can be irritating to some sensitive individuals.


When applying #010 Coal Tar Resaturant proper roofing procedures should be followed at all times; including inspection of the roof for flaws that might allow seepage of this product into the building, deck, or insulation materials. This product is intended for use on coal tar and gravel roofs with a pitch of not more than ½ inch per foot. For surface application only - not an inter-ply adhesive. The roof surface must be clean and dry. Vacuuming is strongly recommended. Any dirt remaining will be absorbed by the coating and lead to premature hardening and inflexibility. The cleaned roof must be inspected and all weak, broken, cracked, or blistered areas repaired. Blisters should be opened and allowed to dry completely before being resealed with #071 Coal Tar Roof Cement and polyester fabric reinforcement.

Shelf Life: Two years from the date of manufacture.

Please Note: This product is not available in California.

brand Lucas
color Black
Flash Point 103°F / 39°C
material type Tar
VOC < 270 g/l
Weight Per Gallon 9.2 lbs

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