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Asphalt Emulsion Fibrated #721 - Full Range
Asphalt Emulsion Fibrated #721 - Full Range
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Lucas Asphalt Emulsion Fibrated #721 - Full Range

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#721 Asphalt Emulsion - Fibrated is a water-based asphalt protective coating for built up asphalt roofing and concrete foundation walls. Asphalt emulsions are faster drying, very low odor alternatives to solvent borne asphalt roof coatings such as Lucas #714. Asphalt emulsions are often used to fill in and even out ‘alligatored’ areas on asphalt built-up roofs.

Lucas #721 Asphalt Emulsion - Fibrated is manufactured from refined asphalts, reinforcing fibers and colloid clays. #721 has a brown appearance when wet but will dry to a near black color.


Lucas #721 Asphalt Emulsion - Fibrated may only be applied when temperatures are expected to remain above 50°F for the next 24 hours. Surface must be clean. Asphalt emulsions lack the adhesive properties of solvent systems. Surface condition is a critical factor in achieving a successful application. Apply with a four knot roofers brush or suitable spray equipment at the rate of three gallons per 100 sq. ft.

When sealing poured in place foundation walls, seal form ties with Lucas #279 Form Tie Cement prior to coating.

Shelf Life: 2 years minimum.

brand Lucas
Color Black
Material Type Asphalt
VOC <25 g/l
Weight Per Gallon 8.5 lbs

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