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All-Weather Roof Cement #775 - Wet/Dry Standard - 5 Gallon Bucket - Lucas
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Lucas All-Weather Roof Cement #775 - Wet/Dry Standard - 5 Gallon Bucket

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Lucas #775 All-Weather Flashing Cement is a trowelapplied Flashing Cement used to install, repair or rebuild roof flashings at parapet walls, gravel stops, stacks, vents, monitors and similar applications. #775 may be used with fiberglass, polyester fabrics or roll roofing for permanent repairs. This product is may be applied to wet and underwater surfaces. If repairing modified bitumen please refer to our #776 Elite Flashing Cement.

#775 All Weather Flashing Cement is manufactured from Type I asphalt, petroleum solvents, reinforcing fibers and a special water displacing additive. It applies fast and smooth and breaks cleanly off the trowel without stringing.


The surface to be repaired must be clean and free of debris. Apply #775 All-Weather Flashing Cement evenly with a pointed roofer's trowel or gloved hand. #775 should be applied 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch thick and may be reinforced with polyester fabric to strengthen the repair. When making a permanent repair to a blister, open up the area and allow it to dry thoroughly. In order to adhere to wet surfaces, apply the product in one direction with sufficient force to displace the water from underneath it.

Shelf Life: 2 years minimum.

brand Lucas
color Black
Flash Point 103°F / 39°C
material type Cement
VOC <250 g/l
Weight Per Gallon 9.5 lbs

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